If you are an online store owner? Or maybe you’re looking for an experienced agency to set up your store? If so, we are at your disposal. As Shopify Plus agency, we know exactly how to make your store stand out. Check our solutions, and discover Shopify Plus.

Grow your business and get the most out of Shopify

When it comes to online store customization, Shopify Plus is the best option. This e-commerce platform is filled to the brim with customizable features, thanks to which your online store will grow faster. Thus, if you want to improve your user experience, we can help. We’ll improve your store, taking care of technical aspects and marketing – these are important factors, determining success. Let us boost your conversion rates and orders with Shopify Plus.

Improve your online store – how can we help?

Do you want to know why Shopify Plus is so popular? First, Shopify Plus is a tool designed for the creation and management of large eCommerce. It offers functionalities so that stores can process their orders with ease. Shopify Plus is Shopify’s premium monthly subscription plan designed for large international or even multinational companies. With Shopify Plus, business owners can have more control over their stores. This subscription offers various possibilities for e-commerce, such as many custom solutions, and advanced automation. Our online shop experts will help your brand grow in the international shopping world.

Shopify Plus vs Shopify

Shopify Plus includes all the features of Shopify but also provides many other management and customization options. It’s an updated and much more complete version of Shopify. However, its price is significantly higher, therefore, it all depends on the needs and size of the store.

The Shopify has no mysteries for us

With Brand Active, you can design your online store from scratch. We’ll help you with all configurations, template design, and all you need to create a functional e-commerce service. We specialize in tailor-made solutions, problem-fixing, and more – our solid experience is irreplaceable when it comes to store building and optimization. And because we have vast experience, we know in what areas it’s worth investing time and effort. If you have any doubts or questions, feel free to contact us – our specialists will help you individually. We can together create the best strategy for your business and industry. We’ll deliver everything needed to help your team!

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